Super Stressed?

It is so tempting to act in a negative way when you are super stressed, like going to the pub or eating a massive bar of chocolate but doing something positive really helps.

Stress can often make you feel:

  • Irritable, impatient or angry
  • Overwhelmed with even small every day tasks
  • Anxious & perhaps with a sense of dread
  • Like your mind is spinning, thoughts are racing
  • Unable to enjoy yourself
  • Unhappy & uninterested in life
  • Like you’ve lost your sense of humour
  • Tense & unable to switch off
  • Neglected by others or feeling isolated

Exercise, for me, is a way of getting through stressful times. A dog walk or run in the countryside, a fast game of squash or a slower yoga session, all have their place and I do whichever my body craves or I can face at the time.

I also try to practice some mindfulness whether this is seated meditation with my eyes closed, sitting still and keeping my mind in the present listening and seeing what is going on around me or going for a slow, gentle walk and appreciating nature through all my senses – sight (looking closely at things around me like tree bark or the different greens of plants, sound (of bird song or the trees moving), touch (the feel of the wind or sun or feeling a tree or a stone), smell (of the plants or the rain) and perhaps even taste (of the air with the changing elements).

I try to eat especially well that day as I know that nutrients and a balanced diet will help me think more clearly whereas chips or stodge will weigh me dwon and clog up my brain.

On these stressful days I may not get a massive amount achieved but at least I have done something positive which makes me feel better especially if I do go to the pub later, it is all about balance!