Don’t listen to social media!

Don’t listen to social media! Listen to your body

It makes me frustrated and sad when social media influencers & celebs give advice on exercise or when social media cooks give advice on nutrition, just because I go to the dentist doesn’t mean I can give dental advice!

Social media only gives 1 compelling side of a subject with edited & filtered photos to fit, not the balanced facts. They are misleading their audience and they should be ashamed of themselves giving conflicting ‘advice’ and confusing people into eating the wrong things, exercising the wrong way or promoting products they haven’t researched

I read a post the other day, not from a personal trainer, that said to keep pushing yourself into or on a run no matter how you feel – what utter nonsense you should always listen to your body. I bet that day her technique was appalling so there was more chance of injury, her body probably just needed a rest or what is called active rest so perhaps a walk or a different non-impact activity such as yoga that day. Then had she returned to her run the next day or day after she would have felt amazing, achieved so much more and with better technique, which is way better for your wellbeing both mentally & physically

Pain is not good & you should not push through it, it is your body telling you to stop. I’m not saying that some days we don’t need to push ourselves, just that we should listen to our bodies and identify when they need a rest or a push. That is what a personal trainer can identify once they get to know your mind & body

She also wrote how much she had hated her run at the time, which is never going to motivate her to keep running for the long term

Seek guidance from a trusted qualified professional who is trained in the relevant field to the advice you need