Wellbeing = Balance

You have to lead a balanced life to have truly good physical and mental wellbeing.

A balanced life includes:

A variety of exercise, cardio, strength, flexibility, endurance and plyometrics. So try including long walks or swimming then something fast (plyometrics)like tennis squash or sprinting, strength like weights or some types of yoga & Pilates and flexibility such as stretching or yoga.

A varied diet of gut healthy, home cooked, seasonal foods. Try to eat about 30 plant based foods per week and each week try to vary those (the seasons help!). Avoid ultra processed foods, pre packaged food, refined sugars and artificial sweeteners. Always look at the list of ingredients before you eat it and if there is something you don’t know or wouldn’t have in your kitchen cupboard then do not eat it

Quality sleep so your room should be darkened, cool 16-18, tidy & uncluttered, quiet room with phones on silent & clocks out of view. Have a lavender pouch near your pillow, eat an early dinner 2-3 hours before bedtime, limit fluids before bed nb: caffeine & alcohol interrupt sleep patterns and to much liquid makes you get up in the night. Expose yourself to bright natural light when you wake up. Have regular sleep times & patterns. Do regular exercise with vigorous exercise earlier in the day.

Relax, read, meditate and also spend time with lovely people.

All aspects of wellbeing need to be included, you can’t eat or exercise your way out of an unhealthy and unbalanced lifestyle. Some people may think if they are exercising lots then they can eat anything they want but your body still needs good & varied nutrients. Again if you are stressed and not sleeping this upsets your hormone balance and your gut health which will not make you feel fabulous.

So avoid quick fixes and lead a balanced life so you have optimal wellness