Wellbeing Retreats – what to expect & what to avoid!

What to expect from your wellbeing retreat:

A qualified and experienced person running the retreat.

A personalised programme that has considered your health & goals. One type of exercise or one diet does not fit everybody, both should be tailored to the individual.

Varied types of exercise such as yoga, circuits, weights, swimming, walking and running. Varied exercise is better for your strength, cardio and flexibility, using all your body in a variety of ways keeps it fitter and stronger for all purposes. Mixing up your exercise is more motivating and you also will have less chance of injury.

Home-made food with a variety of seasonal ingredients that is gut healthy and increases you gut microbiome. Eating a varied diet means you a getting a greater diversity of nutrients for your gut health and to keep eating healthily exciting!

An introduction to mindfulness in a talk or a walk and how this practice can fit into and enhance your life.

Learning how to meditate whichever type of meditation you choose and a peaceful place and time for it.

Private and tranquil places and the time for relaxation, however much you need.

Treatments from a qualified and experienced therapist such as massage, reflexology and saunas.

Wild swimming, cold water therapy is so good for your muscles, for decreasing stress and for a boost.

Quality sleep, an ideal place to sleep ie: quiet, dark, cool and advice on how to get to or stay asleep.

On leaving the retreat tailored advice on living a holistically balanced healthy life for both mind and body.

You should leave feeling well, happy and inspired.


Wild promises of quick fixes

Extreme diets and weight loss claims

Detox – you cant add something to your body to detox, you need to stop adding toxins – your organs very efficiently and naturally detox your body

Juicing – once you have broken down fruit & vegetables they lose fibre, the glycaemic index rises ie: processed sugar count and it is less sating and unsustainable.

Here is what to expect from our bespoke wellness retreat